Mateusz Piotr Ślozowski
Owner at Agencja Brandingowa LOGARYTM
Design Executive Officer in iVoting


Specializes in branding, in particular logo design. He has some kind of personal predisposition giving him the opportunity to quickly and thoroughly analyze current industry needs.

Responsible for designing layouts, GUI fronts of iVoting applications and graphic interfaces of other tools built as part of the project.
Ivoting logo creator. Responsible for identification and visual message in the iVoting project.

In the years 2012-2014 he was the vice president of the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Success,

Stands for a major rebranding of the Higiena System company (currently HS Multiservices),

He designed advertising materials for the II and III Beskid Gala of Success,
In the years 2014-2018 the publisher and editor-in-chief of the Bielsko-Biała, Żywiec and Cieszyn Portal -,

Permanently associated with the Polish Cartographic Publishing House Polplan, with which he published over 40 wall maps of communes, cities and poviats in five years.

In its portfolio, it has several dozen clients' works in the fields of finance, law, spa & beauty, automotive, e-commerce, gastronomy, hotel industry and others.

A physiotherapist by profession. Self-taught graphic artist with passion.

Privately husband and father. An enthusiast of cycling tourism, fantasy and good electronic music.
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